Roy Gough Entrepreneur

About this site
Roy Gough is an experienced UK entrepreneur and is considered by his peers to be one of the best customer relationship management (CRM) experts in the SME field. Roy has an extensive and successful record running call centre businesses within the UK finance and IT sectors.

I sell my skills and expertise to SME's.
35 years of running businesses, selling and sales management in a host of different industries means that I can view others problems and issues with a different perspective.
I sometimes help select and implement software solutions to manage sales and CRM too, but I'm not really an IT person. I come at it from the managment side, identifying their sales processes and managing their sales teams first.
I always get totally immersed in the businesses that I help and do my utmost to learn everything about their unique industry so that I can give top quality advice. For example I have recently been working with an Internet Marketing company specialising in SEO & PPC so I went out and passed the Google Adwords Professional qualification exam. That's the level of my commitment.