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I help businesses achieve their sales and revenue goals by analysing what they are doing now, suggesting alternatives then testing and measuring them - often personally - before handing it back for them to carry on.

Sometimes this is through traditional methods - hard slog, face to face networking, mailing and 'phoning - but increasingly through internet based systems.

I also sell CRM software sometimes; A contact and sales management software tool for SME's. But I'm not really an IT person. I come at it from the sales and sales managment side. So I help my customers sort out sales processes and managing their sales teams too.

I sell my skills and expertise to SME's. Over 40 years of running businesses, selling and sales management in a host of different industries means that I can view others problems and issues with a different perspective.

I always get totally immersed in the businesses that I help and do my utmost to learn everything about their unique industry so that I can give top quality advice. For example I have recently been working with an Internet Marketing company specialising in SEO & PPC so I went out and passed the Google Adwords Professional qualification exam. That's the level of my commitment.

I started my first business in 1973 and expanded into retail, finance, automotive and media, successfully running 4 separate businesses through the 80's and into the 90's. Always seeking new challenges I sold all my interests in 1993 and embarked on a new career in IT. Applying my skills and experience my services have been much in demand particularly in the areas of Call Centre Management and other customer facing roles. Since 1993 I have been helping e-commerce software providers by developing, implementing and successfully running profitable Customer Relationship Management strategies. In a recent assignment Roy has been responsible for creating Kewill Systems Call Centre into a multi million pound business.

At Kewill Systems I partnered with Al Danino developing and running the Group's Sales Training Workshops. I am avowed disciple of Quality Systems and personal development. Operational and tactical management skills together with my natural entrepreneurship ensures that businesses are run profitably and efficiently.

CRM, Sales, Sales Management, eCommerce, SEO & PPC, internet marketing.


I’ve spent my fair share of time working within the classic sales environments of big
corporates and SMEs, both here in the UK market and overseas, Europe, the US, etc. One
thing that I’ve learned above all else is that know how to systemise your sales process and
paying attention to the detail is crucial if you want to turn out profitable results consistently.
Every business has it’s ‘sales stars’ those people who lead from the front and often end up
carrying the team. The problem is you can’t build a business plan, one with real growth
objectives, based on the luck of finding a great sales performer – you need to build your
business on something solid, a system where everyone can raise their game and increase the
results that will drive the business.

Roy Gough is an exceptional individual. There are lots of people out there who understand
sales and how to get the process working but Roy has a knack – founded on years of
consistent performance himself – of knowing just how to implement this stuff.
Change only really happens when you have some clear rules to follow and KNOW what it is
you are actually going to do to get there. Roy has produced this book, with some sound, nononsense

advice of what you are going to need to do if you want to create some real change.
As a person who spends his life helping business owners market what they do, getting the
audience to the point where their ready to make a quick and confident buying decision, I know
that the next step is vital – SALES. Without a clear, practical approach, all the leads in the
world don’t add up to much if you, or your team, aren’t (or can’t) convert them to strong,
positive and profitable sales.

Follow Roy’s advice and I for one will guarantee
you’ll get the results you’re looking for!

Nial Adams
Marketer & Business Growth Specialist