Is your Website one of the 1000’s

that just sit there and don’t earn their keep?

Most sites, even if they have a healthy number of visitors every day,

produce absolutely nothing…..


No Leads – No Sales – No Money.

And yet others have just a trickle of visitors

and make sales every day

Knowing why some sites work and others don’t has been, up to now, a costly and closely guarded secret.


Those ‘in the know’ would rather keep you in the dark to keep the secrets and profits for them selves, or charge you an absolute fortune to turn your website around.


I’ve decided to blow the lid
on expensive web site secrets.

Now even the smallest business can have
a website that generates leads, sales and profits

– at a Really Low Cost.

And I’ll tell you how to do it so that you can

repeat the exercise yourself – time and time again.


Structured and set out correctly, websites will generate sales and high quality enquiries consistently. It’s all about conversion ratios….

If you had just 20 visitors to your site every week, 5 of those turned into really hot leads and most of them went on to purchase from you again and again wouldn’t you be happy?

You don’t have to attract 1000’s of visitors every week to reach your target. Chances are, with that many visitors, most of them aren’t real prospects anyway. Realistically only small percentages are likely to be potential customers.

So why spend a fortune on web advertising and marketing to generate large numbers of visitors that simply fills the pockets of someone else?

Most web marketing companies will work away behind closed doors to make those changes to your website, turning it into a lead and sale generating machine and charge you handsomely for their work, leaving you with no real idea how they did it – you just know it looks different and it works.


If you are getting a few visitors every week now and you could turn them into customers just think how that could change your business.

How much would it be worth to you to have a regular supply of hot prospects that are just waiting, money in hand, to buy from you?


Just imagine how much easier your business life would be if customers were just waiting for your call, or even calling you, desperate to buy.


Just think how much more time that would give you to develop and grow your business the way you had always planned.

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This is how I will help you turn around your website investment….

In 2, easy to follow, sessions I will work with you personally to help you understand:

  • What visitors do (or don’t do) when they land on your site
  • What they expect to see on your pages
  • How to engage them and keep them interested
  • How to capture their email address so that you can market to them
  • How to get them to do what you want them to do
  • The simple and inexpensive tools you can use to market you and your website

In Session One I will:

  • Work through your website with you so that you understand the parts that are blocking out prospective purchasers
  • Give you practical help and guidance on how to change it and why it works
  • Help you setup a data capture system
  • Give you practical exercises and targets that will make improvements
  • Setup statistical reporting that will show exactly what your visitors are doing
  • How to research and use keywords and phrases on your site
  • How to setup and use a Pay Per Click campaign

In Session Two I will:

  • Analyse and critique the changes you have implemented
  • Make recommendations to make further improvements
  • Work through the statistics with you so that you understand how to interpret and act on them
  • Help you setup and understand the tools you can use to increase the number of high quality targeted visitors that you have dropping into your site, increasing even further the number of sales leads you’ll be getting. These will include:
    • How to setup and use a blog to increase visitor numbers
    • How to setup and use YouTube to gain visitors
    • How to setup and use social media and forums for best effect


I’ll also give you, if you order before Thursday 30th of June 2011,

this no-cost bonus:

Bonus 1 - 2 months unlimited email support.

Value £97.00

Not sure how to implement some changes or tools? Need some advice on your website wording?  Don’t worry you will have access to me by email for 2 months after your second session because I want to be sure that you are fantastically successful with your project. I won’t just do the job, take the money and run. I want you to be over the moon with the service I’ve given you so that you tell others!

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What should you do now?

If you seriously want to make your website achieve its primary purpose – making money – then book your personal training with me now for a one off investment of just £297.00 plus vat.

For your investment you will get 2 personal training and instructional sessions with me working directly on your site so that your gain maximum benefit for the time.

Plus the bonus extra of 2 months email support.

My time, like yours, is limited. That means I can only accept a restricted number of applications for this offer so ACT FAST.

To claim your Bonus of email support for two months you must contact me before Thursday 30th June 2011.

Call me now on 0777 556 1664 to book your sessions

and claim your bonus.

Call Me NOW on 0777 556 1664

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" I am very grateful indeed for Roy's help in both designing the layout of my pages on my website to give maximum impact, and for helping me to understand how to place keywords in the text, including the page titles and descriptions.

He has explained things in such a clear, easy-to-follow way, that I have been left thinking he's just taught me the 'bleedin' obvious'! It isn't, though, it's just the way Roy puts it across; I know that because other people have tried to explain the same things to me but it has always come across as so complicated!
Not any more! And now I am so enjoying getting involved in this SEO side of my website. Thanks, Roy! I think you're turning me into a techno nerd! "

Jackie Willis

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Roy Gough, Principal

Sales, Sales Management and CRM Specialist

Having practiced Contact and Customer Relationship Management for many years, in a variety of industries (without realising he was doing it!), it wasn't until the late nineties that Roy Gough, based in Norfolk,discovered the successful formula he had been following for all those years.

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