Make your Web Site a Sales Generator Rather Than a Cost

There is no doubt that the internet as a means of advertising and selling is becoming the most important medium for all sizes of business.

There are not many businesses left now that don't have an internet presence but, just putting a web site up is not enough on its own. That would be like opening a shop on a back street with blacked out windows and no sign above the door.

If you want people to find your web site and be encouraged to come in, look around, and buy then you need to do a bit more.

Make sure your Web Site is seen

To be found you need to be visable in the Search Engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo.

Getting there is an art. A simple art but its also hard work. Knowing what they are looking for and making your site Relevant and Authorative can make all the difference to your site being at the top on page 1 or way down on page 25. Who looks beyond page 1? Hardly anyone. So if you're not there you are very unlikely to be seen 

Find out how the Search Engines see your Web Site

To help you understand where your web site sits in the eyes of the search engines I will give you FREE a report that shows:

> Where your web site ranks in the major search engines for 3 of your keywords

> An SEO report and recommendations for 3 keywords on your home page

> A Page Rank analysis of you and your competitors for your keywords

Make your Website earn its keep

Top quality SEO and SEM means that websites perform better and  produce more sales and revenue. 

Help And Advice Section

Do You have an idea to open up a new market for your business? Need Sales or Sales Management help? Here's the solution:

Interim Sales Management 

Want to learn a little more about CRM?

Watch my CRM Primer video here

Want some useful and helpful advice on
Sales, Sales Management and CRM?

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Need some great software tools to help generate more business?

MindManager Pro 7

MailGate Effective Spam Filter

Video Web Wizard 

Books to Help You Sell More

Some essentials for you to read to
maximise your business potential.  

Sick of Spam?

MailGate can free you from the problems

of spam with little effort.

Quick Links to
help increase sales

Sales & CRM eBook

Download the CRM and Sales eBook here

Trade Stands & Signs

Signs and Displays are an important sales tool to advertise your business. East Anglian Displays sells Signs and Displays at Internet Prices

Use Video to Sell

Video on your website and YouTube helps make sales

Make your Website
earn its keep

Top quality SEO and SEM means that websites perform better and  produce more sales and revenue.