Roy Gough - One of the UK's Leading Sales Consultants says;


"I'll Increase Your Sales Potential

- Or Your Money Back!"

Now that IS a bold statement!

"I am convinced that if you follow my advice and put into practice everything I recommend, you will increase your sales by at least 30%, or your money back. What's more I can PROVE IT! Is there any business that could afford not to say YES to such a challenge?!

Sales Accelerator

"I've run a multitude of businesses for over 30 years and made just about every mistake going because there was no one there to guide me. This has given me a wealth of experience that you won't find in books. I don't want to keep the knowledge and skills I learnt the hard way just to myself, that's why I share this with business owners who are SERIOUS about what they do and want real results, fast.

Now I want to have the pleasure of helping YOU avoid those pitfalls and reap the success and benefits from more sales.

"Visiting numerous businesses and working with them has made me realised that the same opportunities are being missed and the same mistakes are being inadvertently made by so many others, irrespective of the industry sector or business model. Now I want YOU to take advantage of every opportunity with my help and guidance."

Perhaps you've found yourself stuck in a rut, knowing that your business could generate more profitable sales; if you only knew how and had the help and support of someone with real knowledge, a proven track record and a genuine desire to help.

At last, here is your chance to make a real difference to your business, today.

As a professional Consultant and Business Coach, I'm inviting you to benefit from my unique offering, a direct Business Development Programme -

THE SALES ACCELERATOR - Maximising Sales in Minimum Time

For Small & Medium Businesses

For a period of three months you will have up to two days per month of my personal time and consultation, at your business site working right beside you, focusing directly on your business needs, and putting in place powerful and proven sales strategies that are GUARANTEED TO CREATE RESULTS.

In addition this special programme provides regular weekly telephone progress checks and 1-2-1 coaching sessions. It also includes regular direct email support, keeping us in touch as you develop your new skills and practices. All this will give you the essential knowledge; tools and skills to further develop your business and establish a solid sales plan.

This offer is ideal for the business owner who wants, or needs, to grow sales revenues fast and recognises the value of success and experience; but you must act quickly. I have just 2 client spaces available at the moment and these will be taken quickly - the last time I made this offer the spaces were reserved in less than 48 hours.

To find out more and reserve your place call me now on 01493 731850

…or email me personally at

If you can convince me you are SERIOUS about growing your business through increased sales volumes and revenues I'm willing to give you up to 30 minutes of my personal time AT NO COST. I'll ask you some direct questions and tell you at the end of our conversation if my Programme can benefit you. What's more I'll guarantee the methods and techniques I'll teach you will generate fast, profitable results - or your money back.

I realise you might feel unsure about making a commitment to work with someone outside of your business; I've also felt those very same concerns myself many times. But I, and many others, have found that someone looking in from the outside has huge benefits. They are able to see the opportunities you can easily miss.

What do others think?

"People like Roy Gough are a rare breed, business experts with such knowledge are either inaccessible, out of reach working for some big firm, or just not willing to share their knowledge, even for a price. I've been lucky enough to work with Roy and learn from him, helping me to build my own business and that of others. He's built a solid reputation for being 'real' - telling it like it is and getting to the point, then getting on with the tasks that create results. Anyone who is lucky enough to work with Roy Gough should grab the opportunity with both hands!"

- Nial Adams,

What is the Business Development Programme all about?

Here's just some of what I will do for you:

I will start by looking at the way in which you generate enquires then turn them into profitable customers, so you don't miss a single sales opportunity.

Next I will look at how you manage your customers after their first purchase - how you ensure that they come back for more and how you can offer them additional or improved products and services.

I will explain to you, and help you implement, the principles of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) so that your customers think your business is fantastic and tell all their friends (creating loads of new customers for no extra expense!).

If you have employees who sell I will look at how you can improve their selling techniques and skills to increase your sales conversion ratios. I will look too at the way in which you manage them and their performance to get the very best from every opportunity.

I will help you maximize your customer- and prospect-potential by using a database. I have considerable experience in this area and can advise you on the best and most cost- efficient way of tracking contact with your prospects and customers to increase sales potential. It's not by accident that successful businesses always use this tool!

Now you have the chance to take a massive step forward and begin benefiting from the increased profit of more sales. Working together we will take your business to the next level and accelerate away from your competition.

Call me now on 01493 73150 for a FREE personal consultation (maximum of 30 minutes) and let me prove I can help you to achieve more sales and make more money in your business.

Importantly - Don't forget…

I'll increase your sales potential - or your money back! You can only win from this offer!

Call me now on 01493 731850 or email

If you want to know more and find out how I can make a big difference to your business then start by downloading and reading my latest eBook - 'The Hidden Customer Value' - a guide to sales and customer relationship management for every business owner.

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