Perfect PA Sole Trader

is specifically designed to help you manage all your contacts and communications quickly and efficiently

Perfect PA Sole Trader is Contact, Communications and Operations Management software which allows you to create, instantly file and access details of people and businesses. It also enables you to create, instantly file and access communications (including quotes, invoices etc) with them. It has all the key functionality of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with powerful capability for accurate targeting of contacts and businesses for mailshots and eMailshots .... and you can assign all your documents to individual projects.  

  • Time saved on routine administrative tasks means more time available for developing your business   
  • Instant access to previous communications means more efficient working   
  • Unlike some other contact management packages, Perfect PA Sole Trader has been designed to suit most business environments so there will be no need for expensive customisation.


Perfect PA Sole Trader has:

  • Letters, eMails, Mailshots, eMailshots
  • Quotes, Proformas, Invoices, Credit Notes, Purchase Orders, Delivery Notes, Receipts
  • Projects
  • User Fields, Flags, Categories
  • Envelopes & Labels, Lists & Reports, Import Routines, Advanced Searches
  • To Do's, Calendar, Meeting Notes, Quick Notes, Jotter
  • Quick Review, Best Practice, Help

 Perfect PA
is available from just

£120.00* plus VAT

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Perfect PA Sole Trader £325.00 plus VAT

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