Don't you wish that every penny you spent on advertising produced profit?

Are you fed up with newspaper adverts that don't fulfil their promise?


No Leads No Sales No Money.

Internet advertising, using Pay Per Click systems (PPC), gives you the complete control over your advertising spend
that you've been looking for.

You control when and how much you spend.

You Control as many different versions of your adverts as you want to test

You Control your ad's targeting by choosing what will trigger it to be shown

You can Test and Measure the results of every advert to ensure return on your investment

You may well be reading this and thinking that you've heard PPC can be expensive.

Well let me tell you that IT CAN BE

- if it's not setup and managed correctly.

PPC is complex and takes a good deal of learning to make it work effectively. The search engines that

run PPC programs are more than happy for you to 'dabble' with little or no knowledge as that means they can burn your budget very quickly!

It's easy to setup a campaign that will give top spot for every conceivable word or phrase combination that your potential customers are likely to type into the search engine and produce huge numbers of visitors to your site that cost you every time they click through.

But doing that is unlikely to produce customers and profit for you

- Just profit for the search engines!

Now even the smallest business can have PPC advertising

that generates leads, sales and profits

at a Really Low Cost.

The secret is to be highly selective about the words, phrases and their setup.

This way you can be sure you are targeting the best potential customers.

Anyone else, the tyre kickers,

will bypass your ad.

As a busy business owner I wouldn't expect you have the time to learn how to use PPC to maximise your profits from your advertising outlay. That's why I'm offering you the opportunity to tap into my expertise in the field.

Having started my first, disastrous, campaign nearly 7 years ago I have studied, learnt and tested the ways to make PPC produce profit. I've successfully completed the Goggle Adwords training and, more importantly, learnt from the lesser known experts who tell you the real way to make campaigns work.

I want to offer you the chance to make more profit from your advertising spend in 2009

You can ask me to help with:

  • Keyword research
  • Ad writing
  • Landing page layouts and wording
  • Campaign construction
  • Ongoing campaign management

And all the way through YOU control

your advertising spend.

  • You will have full access to the management control panel for the campaign
  • You will be a able to amend your spend up or down at any time, as many times as you want.
  • Your advertising spend is direct to the search engine not to me, I don't add on a margin.

PPC Campaign construction starts from just £50 and your ads could be producing
visitors and profit in just days.

Contact me on 0777 556 1664 or email:

" I am very grateful indeed for Roy's help in both designing the layout of my pages on my website to give maximum impact, and for helping me to understand how to place keywords in the text, including the page titles and descriptions.

He has explained things in such a clear, easy-to-follow way, that I have been left thinking he's just taught me the 'bleedin' obvious'! It isn't, though, it's just the way Roy puts it across; I know that because other people have tried to explain the same things to me but it has always come across as so complicated!
Not any more! And now I am so enjoying getting involved in this SEO side of my website. Thanks, Roy! I think you're turning me into a techno nerd! "

Jackie Willis

Virtual Driving Instructor Program


Roy Gough, Principal

Sales, Sales Management and CRM Specialist

Having practiced Contact and Customer Relationship Management for many years, in a variety of industries (without realising he was doing it!), it wasn't until the late nineties that Roy Gough, based in Norfolk,discovered the successful formula he had been following for all those years.

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