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A wise old Sales Manager once said:

There are only two ways to make a sale -

By Process and By Accident.

Sadly Accidents don't happen very often......


Roy Gough

Having practiced Contact and Customer Relationship Management for many years, in a variety of industries (without realising he was doing it!), it wasn't until the late nineties that Roy Gough;discovered the successful formula he had been following for all those years.

Asked by a major B2B ecommerce company to set up a tele-sales unit meant going through the process of building the infrastructure, which included contact management software. After a long, and often torturous, evaluation process GoldMine was chosen. It proved to be very successful and sales team management through it's statistical reporting made life much easier.

The implementation was so successful that Roy was asked to project manage the roll out of GoldMine to the whole company - 5 sites and around eighty users.

Customer Realtionship Management (CRM) reared it's head during that time, as competition was tough and it proved difficult to retain customers. GoldMine helped manage the CRM process and brought together all the things learnt in the past years to try and keep the customers using their services as first choice.

On leaving that post it was a natural progression to work with CRM and Sales Management Processes


 Pre 2000: Roy ran and worked in a variety of businesses honing his skills as a business manager and salesman. This experience has proved to be the backbone of his ability to assist other companies to improve and increase their sales revenue through CRM and sales strategies.

 Post 2000: After leaving a market leading international supply chain management eCommece software house, Roy concentrated on working with other businesses to achieve profit through good sales management, CRM systems and effective on-line marketing.

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