Interim Sales Management

Here's the problem:

You have an idea to open up a new market for your business. Your resources are all tied into the current sales push. Taking them away could seriously harm your immediate cash flow until the new sales start coming through - or worse still damage your business if it turns out not to be as good as you anticipated. What do you do? Take the risk or just forget it and watch your competitors clean up?

Here's why it's a difficult decision:

To protect your current sales and revenue you might take on a sales person to forge ahead with the new opportunity. They are great at selling but only if they are given a process model and strategy to work with. Without that direction and guidence they end up drifting aimlessly and not producing the sales, revenue and ultimatley profit. You are running your business, you don't have the time to manage this aswell.You're unhappy because you've invested in saleried staff with all the overheads that go with it. He's unhappy because he knows he's done his best but feels he hasn't had the support or guidence to be succesful. Result? Acrimonious parting, a hole in your cashflow and a lost market opportunity.

Here's the solution:

Interim management. Working with someone like Roy Gough, as an interim sale manager or director, you gain the skill and experience learnt and gained over a life time of business management and ground roots hard work. Roy is able to:

Analyse and understand the market opportunity

Devise and implement marketing and sales strategy

Run hands-on sales work to test and measure the success of the opportunity

Build a sales process that works and produces results

Recruit a team of sales people to implement the strategy and process to    produce profit

All this is done without the frustrating ties of employment and, if the idea does happen to be identified quickly as a no-go, a neat and tidy end with minimal cost.

A Simple Solution to a Complex Problem